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4th Grade Distance Learning

Hello Students. Parents, and Guardians!

These instructions are for a few of my students that do not have a computer or a tablet; however, you own a cell phone. You can still participate!

To access Mrs. Pisano’s Google Classroom, the code is okcy5rn.  To access Mrs. Stackel’s Google Classroom, the code is 7j33dsv .

STEP 1: You will need to download the free app:
Google Classroom for your cell phone.

STEP 2: For Google Classroom to work properly, you will need to download these free apps:
Google Slides
Google Forms
Google Docs
Google Drive

Now, you are set. These steps are necessary for cell phones, Chromebooks, and tablets.

If it is easier for you, do the work on paper. Afterwards, take a picture of your work and upload.

You may upload the work to Class Dojo or Google Drive. Make sure you click on the button SHARE with Mrs. Pisano and Mrs. Stackel on Google Drive. On the paper, your name and date of the assignment should be written on top, so we can give you credit for your work.

You are not required to do the other lessons. Pretend today is your 1st day of school! 😃
Hoping to see you on my roster,
Mrs. Pisano & Mrs. Stackel


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