About Us

Our Mission: The teachers, staff, students, families and community members who share the David M. Cox Elementary School will ensure a positive and safe environment where learning is the highest priority. All students will experience success socially and academically, enabling them to become respectful, responsible, and reliable citizens in a changing society. We will reach every student in every subject, in every classroom, everyday without exception, without excuses.

Our Students: At David M. Cox Elementary School we want each child to know we care about them and believe in their ability to succeed.   Along with a fully engaging learning program, we provide a variety of additional programs and opportunities for students to explore and develop many different skills.

Our Parents:  Parents are so important to the success of each child.  At David M. Cox Elementary School, we want parents and family members of our students to feel welcome and a part of our school community.  We encourage parents to come into our school to work with students, help with school projects and share their ideas when decisions are made regarding student learning and school programs. We can not do what we do without support from our parents.

Our Staff: The staff at David M. Cox Elementary School is dedicated to working together as a team to meet the needs of our students.  At Cox, we have the belief that every staff member is here to help all of the children to be successful, feel safe and to look forward to coming to school everyday.  Staff members participate in many after school and weekend community events, so that students may have a variety of experiences to grow and learn from. We have worked to create a happy and giving community of which students, staff and parents all feel a part!